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CMA – Seller’s Best Bet

Pricing your home for sale can determine how much interest it will generate when it first hits the multiple listing service(MLS) and how quickly it sells. A comparative market analysis (CMA) is the tool most often used by our team of Mississauga real estate agents to show home sellers how much their property will likely sell for, given the inventory and conditions of similar properties. Dissecting a CMA The comparative market analysis is not an


Making a Competitive Offer that Can Not Be Refused

When you want to purchase a home in an area where housing is high in demand but short in supply, you may face a multiple-offer situation. A multiple-offer situation occurs when a home is selected by two buyers who then place their respective offers in the hope that they will out-bid each other. The outcome is extremely fortuitous for the seller, who receives more than the listing price for their home. But it is less

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